Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Feel That Good Things Again

this time will be post in english, hope you'll like it..

On Saturday last week is the first time i didn't have to bimbel. Thankfully because of that, my family with me were planning to go to Ancol for jogging and doing some sport activities. I took the new bicycle that can be form more small to fit in the car. I really wanted to try that bike, because after we bought it, i haven't try that thing. After all, i tried that bike in Ancol. It's really fun cycling in Ancol, because this time, Ancol have a new bicycle track for the commuter. I just trailed that route, and it's really wonderful. I felt the winds touch me when i cycling all over the road. I just cycling when my family do some jogging and my father swimming in the beach. After two hours we spent in Ancol, my butt feel so hurt, because i didn't take rest and just playing all the time with the bike. It's feels good that morning.

-got this unique bike on google-

And then, we went back to home and i just waiting for the time we go to Wallstreet to have the social clubs. I booked two social clubs, there are watching movie and second it's about relationship with guest speaker. At one o'clock, my sister and i arrived on that place and just join the activities. And i knew the movie was Music and Lyrics. It's old movie, but i haven't watch it yet. It's about a man that have pop band background and want to be a star again after the band broke up. He trying to make a new song for Cora, who is the young rising singer at that time. But he realized, that he couldn't make it. After that, the lady who work for him as a gardener ( i don't know what's that call, she just take care the plants), she help him to make the lyric, because she has a great talent in making some good poem and sentences.
That film is so interesting and many inspiration there, it's about faithful, efforts, and romantic love. I like it, and i'm so happy that i can watched that movie for the first time.

For the second social club, i took the relationship topic with guest speaker. The guest speaker is a psychologist and she presenting about relationship in many ways. She told us how to make a good relationship with couple, friends, and family. It's a good experience we had. And then, the cool thing is, when we got on the group and she gave the case in relationship and we analyze it together. It's fun thing to make advice in many case. I like it very much, because i found that feel again. Not just learning english in here, but i learning how to make a good things in my life. I learning the point of view of everyone in here, it's very open and interesting.
Over all i like this day very much, many situations in this day make my strange good feeling came out again.

Sometimes your heart tell you to do somethings, and just do it whatever, whenever, and wherever your heart telling you to do so.

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