Sabtu, 10 April 2010

Nightside of The City

-all pics from google (aah, i want have a DSLR camera, so i can get the picture by myself)-

On Friday i went to Hotel Mulia to sleepover for 3 days. My family get the free charge ticket from my uncle. (of course i don't want to sleep in the hotel and pay for it. haha). In the otherside i feel so guilty to do this because next week i've many exam that i have to study hard for get the best score. And after many hours, i thought it's ok that i join to go there, because i want to refreshing and feel the new atmosphere in there. Then, after i watched movie with my sister, we went to home and prepared anything that we needed for. We also prepared our moms and dad things, because at that time they haven't return yet.

Next, we together went to the hotel and check-in. The key was entrusted to the bell service officer who kept the costumer's thing for someone. Then, my father just took the key from officer. After that, we went to the hotel's room that we stayed. I'm felt so pleased with all of the facilities.

On Saturday morning, i went to the Cafe for having a breakfast. I couldn't eat too much because my gut didn't feel well, but it was so delicious though. After our stomach full enough, we went back to our room. I want to study and prepare for the exams, but i didn't do it. I just surfing the internet and watching tv (feel so lazy this time). When i watching tv, suddenly i slept away without thinking about my assignment. And the result is, i already slept for many hours (so wasting of time). Then my uncle invite us to go out for dinner, he recommended the Kwang Tung porridge on Pecenongan. We all agreed for his idea.

The time now is 22.50, and we still going to eat outside! While we on the way to the restaurant, i saw many childs playing on the street. I thought they were street's childs who usually sing and play music for get money to continue their life. It's so peacefully when i saw them playing like the usual childrens whom got the better life. They're born and live without destiny i think, it's right that all of them want a wealthy life like the other people. Nevertheless, they can get the better future as good as them who already had everything. I believe that success it's not depend on their handicaps but in passion and efforts that will bring you forth to go through over your dreams.

NB: Good luck for you whom join the SIMAK UI on Sunday. Just bring your faith in your works. Whatever happens to you, trust me that will be the best things for you. Nights all :)

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